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Originally Posted by phozenstone View Post
not sure why you're getting so angry at the OP in this thread but there obviously is a demand for it as all the preorders have been sold out. Even if its from new contracts, it had to have attracted customers from other service providers to switch since i highly doubt there were 2 million people without cell phones before the iphone 5 came out. Just because YOU don't want the iPhone 5 doesn't mean the rest of the economy follows suit. There is a demand, and the OP has supply; simple economics. If there was no demand for it, the market would correct itself (ie the OP wont be able to sell it and would have to lower his price). If you're not interested in buying it you should just stay out of the FS thread. The end.
FYI i walk into radioshack grab myself two new one without preorder them ! and no im not getting angry ,there is plenty of them in retailer store , but your right about one thing I think I went little over on the comment .. OP good luck with this thread I'll stay out of it
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