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Magnaflow mufflers on stock exhaust good/bad idea???

Hi, So I just bought a 335i last week and I am in love. I really do like the sound of the stock exhaust, however I find myself always turning the music down and rolling windows down to hear it. I would like it to be a little louder, however after seeing muffler delete videos on youtube i know I don't want it that loud. I also don't want to shell out 900$++ for a full exhaust as the main reason I am changing it is for a little louder sound not necessarily performance. I searched for someone that did this before and cannot find anything.

I live in Reno and we have a summit Racing wear house locally and they carry an arsenal of aftermarket mufflers including Borla and Magnaflow. I have owned Borlas in the past and like them, but am afraid it will just be just as quiet as stock, so I was leaning towards magnaflow,

Anyone with experience or any input at all would be GREAT !! thanks