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Joining the group-buy guys, looks like it may fall short but I'm in anyway.

I ended up keeping my 335xi because the wife likes it so much. I doubt I'll race it again, but I will likely get the Cobb installed on it and a pro-tune for E85. If things don't progress much then I may get back into this myself when I get my second car (E39 M5), and run progressively more power and traction until something breaks.

A couple of notes for those non familiar with my car:
- Ran 490whp / 550wtq on nitrous + meth + race gas (no nitrous in 1st gear though, no point really without more traction)
- 350+ brake boost launches from 1st gear
- 100+ brake boost launches from 2nd gear, then the clutch packs for that gear were done, 2nd gear launches in the 335xi are NOT recommended by me for this reason
- Power transfer to the front wheels is a bit jerky when engaging at full power (rear wheels spin briefly before all 4 start spinning)
- Ran Pilot Sports initially, but just on tune only, all high power runs were done on Conti DWS, with this setup I hit a 1.57 60' time with copious amounts of wheelspin
- Wheelspin in my setup may be what saved my drivetrain from breaking, according to all the drivetrain experts I talked to traction is the #1 killer of drivetrain components
- No transfer case issues, or front diff issues thus far (knocks on wood)