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To those of the M3 side...It would not be that challenging to replace all of our bushings & suspension/bracing bits with those of an M3 (or more track-type components). Add an LSD and tune, and can we agree that the two-at that point-would be quite comparable? It seems odd to me that some folks seem to be under the impression that the stock m3s prowess simply can not be met by a 335. We're really just talking about extremely well-engineered chunks of metal, rubber, synthetics, and springy bits here.

Also (to all), something I've always wondered...Is it fair to say that every BMW enthusiast is also an M enthusiast? I would think so, but some may disagree.

Personally, if given the option of choosing between the E or F M3, I would probably take the E and supercharge it with the cost savings. It's the same reason I want to get my hands on one of the V10 m6s. What says unique like a "sleeper" m6 with a twin-supercharged stroker v10?

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