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Good for the goose....

Romney paid $2 million in taxes last year. (14.1%) and gave $4 million to charity. (30%).

"It also indicated that the Romneys' tax preparer, PricewaterhouseCoopers, would provide a letter summarizing the tax rates that the Romneys paid from 1990 to 2009. The Romneys paid an average annual effective federal tax rate of 20.2 percent, with the lowest rate coming in at 13.66 percent. Over that same stretch of time, they gave an average of 13.45 percent of their adjusted gross income to charity."

Hmmm, looks like Romney and I pay about the same effective tax. How about that! And I did it all by myself!

Would it be impolitic to suggest that Nobama go ahead and release some of his many locked down records? Seems only fair. Just some simple ones like college application, grades, thesis papers--that kind of thing. Might be instructive.