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Originally Posted by LEDZEP
I personally do not like to hold a cell phone while driving, as I find it VERY distracting and I know it lessens my attention to the road. However, with hands free I am generally not distracted. Occasionally I will say "hold on a moment" to the caller if I need to concentrate on traffic (merging, left turn, etc.).
Can't drive a manual and hold a cell phone!!! I even do that when I'm talking to my wife who is in the car with me... She's gotten used to it and thinks it's actually a good idea, never been into an accident.

I do agree that overall cell phones are a menace. Most drivers are challenged enough by their tiny little brains as it is - talking on the phone makes them even worse. I support the anti-cell phone laws that state you cannot be holding a phone.

With my long commute, I see it all: women applying makeup, men trying to read the paper, people eating, yelling at the kids in the back seat... you name it.
I agree with the "most drivers are challenged" part, however I hate governments legislating responsibilty. It's much like gun control laws, there are already laws on the books about careless driving, lets enforce them instead of just creating more... I would love to see somebody in an SUV pulled over for turning around and yell at there kids during which they just appeared in my lane (happens too many times). That is distracted driving and should be fined also... We have gotten soo content driving these land missiles that noone even thinks twice about these things anymore.. While safety features have made accidents less sever in terms of injuries (which is a good thing), they haven't reduced the number of them happening. How many times have you seen someone rear end somebody else in a traffic jam because they were not paying attention!!!
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