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Originally Posted by Rollo` View Post
As I type this I am shopping for a 2009+ 328i.

A few good candidates I have recently found have navigation. I don't really want it but my question is should I avoid buying a car with nav?

I've seen a few threads complaining about it, does the nav system break often?


I know you got your answer and have moved on. But I am bored on a Friday night so I did a quick bit of research. Nationwide on Autotrader there are currently 8,276 328i's for sale. If you select for Nav, the number drops to 1,395. If you select for a manual trans the number is 300. Select both Nav and manual and you get 50.

What is the number one thing you want in the 328i? I wanted a manual. They are rare. Everything else was a compromise. If it had Nav oh well, I would have gotten it. Only you can answer what your number one is. If it comes with Nav, and you like everything else, get it anyway. But I think you already figured that out.

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