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Help requested on Oxygen Sensor part numbers!!

I'm hoping somebody can please help me confirm my findings.

I have 2006 330xi produced 01/2006. Going from, it states the BMW part numbers are:

BMW Part#
1,2,3 upstream 11787558055
4,5,6 upstream 11787558073
1,2,3 down stream 11787545074
4,5,6 down stream 11787545075

I want to buy Bosch OE style with OE connector so it is all plug and play for me. When I look up my car on Bosch's website it lists 13477 for the upstream and 15109 for the down stream. These are not correct because the connector doesn't match at all.

When I look up a 2007 328xi on it lists the same part numbers as my 2006. So I look up a 2007 328xi on the Bosch site and it lists the following:

Bosch Part#
1,2,3 upstream 17098
4,5,6 upstream 17099
1,2,3 down stream 16795
4,5,6 down stream 16796

These look correct considering the pictures and description with lengths. So I am assuming I can buy these Bosch parts for my 2006 330xi since has the equivalent BMW parts as the same for both the 2006 and 2007 xi models with the N52 engine.

I've been to some other sites to do some confirming and it appears the 2006 year is a little mixed up because of the previous model mixed in.

Thanks in advance!!

FYI, nothing is wrong with my current O2 sensors, but I have 122K miles and BMW recommends changing them at 120K. My gas mileage is 25.2 on the BC and the car runs like a dream. I wonder if I replace them if I'm really gaining anything or if I should wait until my mileage starts going down or I get an error code.