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RIP 163's & Headlights

Well, it's been a good run. You made me look good, and didn't ask for anything in return. But you had to go get cracked somewhere in Monterey.

Anyways yeah, rear rim cracked sometime in the last couple days. Started noticing a tire pressure loss and then noticed about 5 cracks along the rim. Didn't really feel like paying $500 or so for a replacement rim (especially since the front two are beat to shit), so I decided to go a slightly different route. New wheels should be here and mounted by the end of next week hopefully.

As for my headlights, I have a brand new set that are nearly finished getting the blackout and orion v4 treatment. Those will also be installed this coming week

So, these are gonna be the final pictures I post of my current setup. Gonna miss the 163's, but time for something fresh and new. They aren't much, but just some quick pictures I snapped at the beach.

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