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Originally Posted by RagingKileak View Post

Am I being dumb here by asking... But how are you guys sticking these?


This may help you mate.

Originally Posted by Cyprio View Post
Matt, clean the area with some glass cleaner, dab your finger in some water and apply onto coloured side of sticker, then apply onto window (I used spit)!

Use a credit card to remove any air bubbles.
Remember to fix on inside of glass.

Spot on instructions!

Originally Posted by IanS100 View Post
I like that can you get any more?
Ian, beauty of mine is, they are easily removeable. If you like Dave's, at least mine will leave no traces mate.

Originally Posted by MEGA View Post

Ian: Probably, but don't want to mess up Makkan's thread ..

Dave, If you have more, by all means continue to offer them here.

I am done with my batch as last one will be going to Danny.

Each to their own mate, I am not convinced that yours is enough to protect:

1- Are they visible enough during the dark? Due to black colour, they may not. If they were any other colour, they'd be perfect.

2- Triangle seems like 'Come and break here'.

3- I don't know if yours are stickers. Mine are cling. Easy to apply (if you know what you are doing), easy to take off (for those who will be putting OBD back and taking their cars to dealer), and easy to RE-APPLY (when / if BMW update the software).

This is just how I see it. None of you have to agree or disagree with me. Each to their own.

Dave, if you are left with more pairs, please help our forum members. I am sure that there will be plenty to take these.