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So just a tip here. The flat-head bolt that holds the rotor to the hub is very easy to strip the Allen-head hex hole. IIRC it takes a 5MM Allen wrench. I found over the many years of removing BMW rotors that using an L-shaped Allen Key (wrench), which most people have in their tool box, makes it easy to strip the bolt head. I suggest getting the proper-sized Allen socket and a T-wrench to remove the bolt. Also, since they cost 30 cents, buy 4 extra the next time you replace the rotors, so the bolts are fresh. I believe that of the many heat cycles the bolts go through softens the metal and allows them to strip easily. Also, use antiseize on them when re-installing. Better yet, if you have an air compressor, one of the best air tools to buy is a “Butterfly” impact wrench. The Butterfly wrench is ideal for removing the rotor bolts.