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Originally Posted by dxb335d View Post
Own an ///M an you won't go back. (ex 335d owner here)
I disagree. I love the M cars, but thats why they make multi-car garages.

I've put almost 30k miles on the diesel since 1/30/12. I would have completely regretted it if I were racking up those miles on the M I was looking at (plus it was too showy and too much of a gas-hog to be my only car because of what I do for a living, speaking to others' perceptions).

Speaking to the financial side, My gas bill alone would be $9k/yr more (at 45k miles/yr and $4/gal)--not to mention the nominally increased cost of maintenance. At that rate, I can buy a low-mileage 2010/11 M6 at auction in another 3.5 years and pay for it with only what I have deferred in gas expenses.

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