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wheel bolts for E92


1) is there any issue using wheel bolts *longer* than required for your application on an E92? How much longer is acceptable? (I have a set of bolts for 18mm spacers but am thinking I should be running closer to 12.5s)

2) Are the lug seats on the stock wheels tapered (conical) or spherical?

Am asking because I'm getting ready to test fit my winter wheels and tires which are aftermarket wheels with tapered seat lug holes. I haven't been able to pull a stock wheel yet because apparently I need a lower profile jack :/ Also had an experience with an old VW where I trashed one of my rear brake assy's because I didn't think; was running aftermarket alloy wheels and was using a stock steel wheel as a spare, got a flat one night - the longer lugs protruding through the brake drum with the spare mounted on the rear hit the strut thing for the parking brake. Whoops. After that I kept four short lug bolts in the trunk as well.