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Originally Posted by Efthreeoh View Post
Not really sure why you think you need an impact wrench to remove the caliper. A decent 3/8-drive ratchet and allen socket is all you need. The torque setting on the caliper pins is around 30 ft/lbs. They are quite easy to remove with a ratchet. Also, why are you trying to use a torque wrench to "remove" the caliper pins in the first place? The first rule of thumb for using a torque wrench is to NEVER use it to remove fasteners; it will take it out of calibration. Torque wrenches are only to be used for torquing down fasteners.

But if you want to use an impact wrench, you'll need an extension bar and universal joint. Not even a 3/8 impact wrench will fit straight in to line up with the caliper pins. An air ratchet may work, but that's not an impact tool.

Good luck. Please make sure the car safely lifted and solidly sitting on jack stands when doing this work.
30ft-lbs? I think we're talking about two different things here (at least I hope we are). I read and researched what I am doing pretty well and I found that the two bolts I have to remove require 81ft-lbs of torque (At least that's what I have read...). And I understand that you use a torque wrench for tightening only, I just didn't see any point removing the bolts if I didn't have anything to fit in there to tighten them.

This is what I am doing (up to the caliper coming off):

Then from there I remove the rotor and do this:

But the issue is that I need some way to torque the bolts back on when I put it back together. I have a decent torque wrench that is long and big, it also isn't very accurate at low ft-lbs but it does fine for higher ft-lbs. I was told from a local shop owner (who I've been going to for awhile) that what they would usually do is use an impact wrench to get them off and on. So that's why I am looking for an impact wrench.

So any help getting this caliper off? Impact wrench? Some kind of joint tool?
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