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Originally Posted by TiAg330i View Post
No, it is not really easy but it can be done. And the two bolts holding the caliper are 18mm.

I had to use a rubber mallet many times to get the caliper bolts loose. Once off the car, it was really tough to make everything go together properly.

David in NC
Yeah, I agree. It's do-able for the beginner. (I am one and did mine using the web and the forum).

Since you didn't know about pb blaster, I would also recommend you buy a Flex Handle Ratchet Set like

The short stubby one is really good for getting at the guide bolts.
The variable size length ratchets let you get the most turn with a neck that bends so you can get at the caliper bolt. The ones in the rear of my E90 330xi were challenging to get to with little rotation room.