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Originally Posted by vachss View Post
The 70-300IS was introduced a bit less than 7 years ago and was much superior to the 75-300IS it replaced (which might be the 10 year old one referenced here). I had a 70-300IS and eventually replaced it with the 70-300L. While the L is a bit sharper wide open at the long end the non-L was no slouch and surprisingly close in performance throughout the range.
True, I should have clarified they are not the same lens... I just see it as the same lineage/evolution of lens. Interesting to note the closeness of the L vs. non L lenses. Although with build quality there is no comparison, I am sure, as that's one of the major selling points of L lenses, or so I am told

My old one is the 75-300 f/4-5.6 III USM, not even IS I think it might even be 12 years old. I can't find any info online about manufacture dates, as the serial number at the bottom of it doesn't match what I am seeing online for Canon serial numbers, or else I am looking in the wrong place on my lens.

My new one purchased last year in Deember and is the 70-300 IS USM, which I think is the exact same one that OP is selling.

I was just surprised at how little difference between the two lenses there is, shooting on a tripod in my house at a Jeff Koontz BMW Art Car model I have on display.

I also have an EF 20-35 f/3.5-4.5 that I have not used in ages, also from my film days. I am keeping it for when I make the jump to an FF DSLR as a hold-over for getting a more modern UWA (16-35L, for example).