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Originally Posted by Mk23 View Post
Well I'm glad I found out the right torque for the caliper, but if anyone was reading what I originally said, I never at any point said I was using a torque wrench to remove anything, just that if the torque wrench doesn't fit in there then there is no point even taking the bolts out. And it doesn't fit, so a breaker bar would definitely not fit. My problem is that I can't find a way to remove the bolts and then later tighten them if nothing fits back there (with the exception of the 3/8s ratchet I have). So how am I supposed to torque these properly back ON when nothing but a small ratchet will fit back there? That was the whole point for the impact wrench, was hoping it could fit back behind the rotors/caliper.

Any help on how to actually torque the bolts once I am putting them back on?
ok, you're talking about the caliper carrier, that's different. raceyBMW gave you the specs right above and yes, a full-size breaker bar fits, that's how I switch rotors every year. The bar (and wrench) movement is limited but it doesn't matter.

If you still can't make it fit, post a pic of where you think the clearance problem is, don't know what else to suggest at this point, this is a simple DIY.