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Bump for a great DIY thread.

Thank god I didn't take it to the dealership to get reamed at 125$ an hour to install this.

Thanks for posting the instructions on this thread. Just installed my rear blind. Not complicated, even the drilling of the holes after measuring was not bad at all! Very clear instructions.

I was worried about the rear side plastic panels according to the OP, the trick is to just pull them forward towards the front of the car and they pop right out. Now, that is for a 2011 335i x-drive, I think the mounting design and clips for the 'airbag' plastic covers at the rear window have certainly changed over the years.

The only tricky part I found was to gently remove the little covers on the child anchors without damaging them.

What a very nice piece! My two year old daughter will enjoy the new shade imensely. As far as installs go, I rate this as a 7/10 for difficulty. By far the measuring was the most complicated part of the entire task, once I matched the images in the instructions to the parts once off the car it was very clear. I measured once, made my marks, double checked and drilled. The only thing I found upon reinstallation of all the parts was the little bolt covers on the child anchors were a very tight fit to get them in to the right position - if they ever need to come off now, it will be a challenge to get a screw driver in the rear of the clip to lift it off.

Thanks again!

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