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Originally Posted by Mk23 View Post
Well I figured that maybe (since my jack stands are messed up right now) that I could jack one side up and get this done one side at a time. I am guessing you are saying put the car on stands and do it that way (which now that I think about it... it would be easier...).

Guessing you are saying get the breaker bar (and then torque wrench when putting it back together) on there from underneath the car? Guess I'm ordering new jack stands.
Doing this on a jack is extremely dangerous due to the force you have to apply to loosen and torque the carrier and the rotor itself. Jack stands are the only option and in general the only use for your jack should be to lift the car onto the jack stands.

Yes, the movement of the breaker bar/torque wrench is from under the car, neither will fit from the top side of the wheel well.