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Originally Posted by Route 16 View Post
This oughta get you started, have fun with exhaust set ups, I have 3 at home. Dealers know about my car and they don't give me problems and the car still runs like a champ.
lol im right there with u lol i got 4 already lol im out of warrantie so boo lol
i like the set up your running i have something like that a dule to x pipe from header to 3inch dynomax super turbo muffler to flowmaster hushpower muffler to magnaflow tips and ive gotta say i have no drone at all. its quite with i want it and loud when i need it to be. And this is also running catless headers lol

Took a buttload of tinkering and $$$$$ but i got it to were it dont sound raspy its mellow and yummy lol