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Originally Posted by DJ Apex
Muffler delete- can cause issues with backpressure and the car is NA.

Yes muffler deletes have been proven to lose power in our cars. so i wouldnt do it.

Cat delete- can cause issues when the car starts heating up.

2nd cats can be deleted with out any issues.

Res Delete-code issues?!

Res delete will not cause any code issues.

If you wanted more sound ide delete the 2ndary cats and see how u like it.
cause in my option when i deleted the RES i noticed jack poo in sound.

I got a amazing exhaust guy who dose all my work for cheap.
Where has it been proven a muffler delete loses power? Everything i've found says the opposite

Back pressure is ALWAYS BAD PEOPLE

i don't know where you all learn to think that it's ever good but it is NEVER. GOOD.

Doing an exhaust badly causes the gases to pulse incorrectly which harms scavenging and increases back pressure (with reflections etc)

The big issue with a muffler delete is it makes it TOO loud and raspy and sounds like shit

I'd love a set of cat delete headers (20-30hp too) but getting rid of the cel.. So much simpler with an n54 and jb4 >_< - header cats will make the most noise of all the 'deletes', could get your stock headers modified for a couple hundred$ i guess? Just have to deal with the CEL