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Exclamation Help Please!!!! Car wont start

Really hoping for some help here if possible.

I have a 335i and friday night I drove to the gym and parked up. An hour and a half later I got out and got in the car. Put the key in the ignition, put my foot on the brake and pressed the start button. The car cranked but did not start. I tried again but no luck. Suspecting low battery as it had just got colder that night I had someone come to me and charge my battery, again no luck. I had to get it recovered home in the end by my breakdown service.

I have been checking everything I can think of over the weekend and cannot get it started. I have JB4 installed and tried plugging in the usb cable and reading the codes but it would not connect. I tried removing the JB4 to see if it was that causing the problem, still no luck. I checked all the fuses in the very difficult to get to compartment at the back of the glovebox...all ok.

I removed the rear seat and removed cover for fuel pump and when attempting to start I can hear the pump making a noise.

I have checked voltage at the power cable that feeds the jb4 (and ECU? that connects to the same power cable as JB4) and there is no voltage there when key in ignition and start button pressed (without foot on brake) but lights come on dash.

Im assuming there should be power there whilst in that state as normally thats the state where you would connect the jb4 to computer to update firmware.

I replaced my High Pressure Fuel Pump approx 1 year ago.

Anyone have any ideas? I currently have my car on driveway which obviously wont start so cant even drive it to the garage :-(