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Oh Wow, I wasnt hoping for that answer. Well I have the 265/30s which should be arriving this upcoming week. And my rear fenders are rolled. So I hope that helps. But I do not have any other fender work and didnt plan on getting any. It was hard enough finding someone willing to even roll my fenders. I didnt think Id have to adjust camber. Looks like I have more in store then I thought. I see you have an e92, I have a pre LCI e90. DOnt they have a bit more room in the rear then an e92?

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From what I've learned:

255 is perfect for a 9.5" wheel (keep in mind, 255mm = 10.0")
265 will work however it will require more fender work to fit when compared to a 255 (however both will require a roll / camber and perhaps pulling of the fenders)
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