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Originally Posted by islandroad83 View Post
The warranty is good for 82k miles, so i would get into a dealership ASAP just so at the minimum its documented at that millage. Normally BMW is fairly good with fixing an issue if it has a past history and has been a problem at a previous mileage.

Thanks for everybody's input, seems as though there are a ton of mixed reviews though. I thought for sure Peabody was going to the dealer i should be trying next even in other threads within NE users have suggested it. As of right now there was a problem with my car after i recevied it back form Herb Boston last week. I am taking it in today for a clicking sound when i turn the wheel and boost leak throwing crazy codes all happened right after i picked up my car. Very frustrating at the moment hopefully they can correct it without giving me the run around as this was not an issue before i brought in my car

I can say after this i will no longer be going with Herb, at this point I plan on just contacting BMWNA. I think i will be trying the RI inskip dealership or Sudbury dealership next based on a few positive reviews for the WG rattle warranty. I cant believe its this hard to obtain an honest dealership.
fyi herb owns sudbury