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Originally Posted by doughboy View Post
I'm not entirely sure what 'ZSP' is, I thought that was the US code for their US specific sports models?

AFAIK The US ZSP models are softer spung / damped and probably aligned for slower steering than the EU M sport models, so ZSP might be a downgrade from M sport?
Originally Posted by JonEdwards View Post
ZSP if I understand it is the american version of the "aftermarket" suspension kit - basically the B4S dampers and shorter springs. It's the next step up from M-sport - I think it might be "BMW Performance kit" in the UK or something similar.

The Hunter machine had 3 options: standard, sport and ZSP. Someone else had already mentioned it on this forum but to me it made sense that the ZSP was the sportiest of the options.

Originally Posted by doughboy View Post
You'd have been better asking for M3 settings (E90 if you have a tourer) which really do give an improvement in steering response and turn in.
I did wonder about this, but I don't have any of the M3 parts fitted, I didn't think they'd be able to get it anywhere near without the M3 control arms and wishbones.
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