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29D1 misfire/SES, only code thrown

Hey guys,

I have been fighting with a misfire issue on my car for about two weeks now, and I am really fed up with it.

Here's what's going on:
-Accelerating to 4500 rpm with gas floored, the car will have small shudders in power but will not throw lights.
-Above 4500rpm, the car will shudder harder and at about 5k it'll throw an SES and shut the cylinder down.
-Now: the only code that shows up is 29d1: misfire cylinder 5
In the past two weeks I have done:
-Carbon buildup cleaning
-Spark plug change
-Move coils between cylinders (Still 29d1, didn't move with the coil movement)
-Move injectors between cylinders (Again, cylinder 5)
-Remove procede, problem still exists

I was able to do one pull last night after taking the tune off, and at that point the car had just passed 160*F oil temp. The pull was very smooth and I thought I had the issue fixed until I tried again and then the problem reared its ugly head just as it did before. That is what has me convinced that there is no internal engine damage.

I have searched for days on forums for this, and most posts have other codes associated, or problems that followed coils. Those threads also mentioned bad ECU components (lots of other codes thrown in that case), and O2 sensor failure (again, other codes thrown). The only thread to mention ONLY 29D1 codes ended up being fixed by the carbon cleaning, but obviously I have already done this.

Any other ideas? How would I diagnose a bad injector/coil driver in the DME? I was thinking that I might send it to vishnu for them to do the flexfuel flash, provided they can confirm that the DME is working perfectly (mechanically speaking) before changing the programming, but I would rather just probe the DME components myself.

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