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Originally Posted by afsar View Post
Shouldn't MS-8 autotune take care of phase, also introduce delay in the nearer driver to match it with the farther driver?
To be clear, my post is not specific to MS-8 installations, it is for ALL installations.

Now to answer your questions, the answer is NO and NO. MS-8 does not correct phase, and it does not time-align to the sub. While the need for time alignment to the sub (farthest driver) is debatable, I believe phase correction is not. JBL/Harman believe that issues with phase are best resolved through EQ. I beg to differ however, as do many others. As you can see above, the processor would need to apply 15dB of boost just to correct the phase issue at the crossover frequency. That eats up valuable EQ headroom, and it may therefore very well end up running out of steam before it can finish EQ'ing the whole system. That's the reason why level setting is so important, as well as correcting subwoofer phase.

It's a shame, because I think it would have been very easy to incorporate a phase check/correction step into the auto-tune algorithm, but sadly, it was left out.
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