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Originally Posted by PerthBMW View Post

I did something interesting during the week. I have always been interested in getting my DVD's to play whilst driving like I used to have in my Holden Caprice. I read about a firm in the UK who did this by sending you a disk image which you copied to a disk and then inserted into the car and it recodes allowing you to watch the DVD player whilst moving.

Well, guess what - I took the risk and paid the money, got the file, made the disk, went through the loading procedure and it bloody works!! I can now drive my 2010 325i and have DVD's playing whilst or what?

I was really worried things would bugger up in the car's computer or the CIC but all cool - it worked also after I turned the car off and restarted. I have the disk so can do it again if I need to get the car updated by BMW for any reason and I can turn it back off again too.

I am now going to consider getting the TV activated in the car also but I donít think it is digital though and not sure of the cost - does anyone know if it is expensive?

Anyway that's my story for this weekend....
Did you get the software from How do you go back to stock playback if you have to drop the car to the dealer.