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I'm a Canadian and agree with Canucklion. But let me add...

HAdi don't waste your time going to court. You got off lucky. Of course it is your right to go to court but I hate it when people try to take advantage of the justice system when they know they were in the wrong. You admit you were speeding so just take your lumps. We all speed at one time or another. The time I get a ticket for speeding, I'll probably pay considering the number of times I've never been caught.

You got stopped for speeding (you admit here you were speeding and I would say 120 in a 50 was excessive). Think about it....120 in a 50....thats like going highway speed through a residential neighbourhood. He more than likely knew your speed otherwise the only ticket he wrote won't stand up in court. When he asked you if you knew your speed he is just gathering more evidence. If you answered with a number its noted if you say you didnt know your speed then thats also noted in his notes which he can bring up in court.

You had alcohol in your system (even IF you werent legally drunk you might have had enough alcohol in your system to get a 24 your suspension and get your car towed).

Plus you didnt get tagged with the ticket for the missing drivers licence.

So what if he called you an idiot...your actions were idiotic and a judge would probably agree given the facts in issue. The judge will see the officer was being fair by giving you a few breaks there. It doesnt look like the officer was out of bounds by giving you a speeding ticket by any means.
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