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Originally Posted by bgill76 View Post
this is for my alpine white 08 328xi

hows this list?

-2x grit guard
-dual action hook and loop flexible backing plate 5" lake country
-6 inch lake country white polishing foam pad
-6 inch lake country orange light cutting foam pad
-menzerna intensive polish
-PC 7424
-mothers fx tire shine
-viking wash mitt
-viking waffle weave towel
-Z7 car wash
-Z2 Pro
-Z6 spray
-Z18 clay bar

(getting everything on amazon except the zaino stuff, and should i use the zaino or use the other stuff instead?)
List looks good. In terms of what to use when, check out the Q&A on the first page. (Sorry, just hate repeating myself!)

Originally Posted by BenġrTheBMW View Post
Hey DavidN,

I have a PC Random orbital buffer but it seems to get bogged down and will stop turning. Is this because I bought the wrong one? Or am I pressing down to hard?
You're pressing too hard. Let the weight of the machine do the work. With that said, this philosophy is up for debate. Many users on some of the more popular detailing forms love pushing down on their machines as they believe it breaks the polishes down better. I never found this to be true. It's the speed and heat generated from the oscillations that will break down the various polishes.