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Originally Posted by taibanl View Post
No. Setting to front averages (effectively disables) time alignment for the front seats

Dont pay too much attention to the volume of the center. Instead listen to placebt of instruments and voices across your windshield.


I can listen to a band and hear the vocalist dead center, guitars on either side of that (in front of each seat lets say) kick drum dead center and drum rolls across the windshield. Thats why you want time alignment for your seat.
Gotcha, Well that would explain why it almost sounded like Logic 7 was turned off. So what setting do you leave it on?
Driver all the time? I dont listen to alot of rock ( some ) but not a ton., Mostly techno so there is rarely singing.

It seems like some songs (techno) sound mono from that center channel and others the L7 does wonders too.
Its like the songs are programmed diff ( just how it sounds ) some stuff sounds great and then the next song sounds
terrible vs the stock config sounded the same across all music types more well rounded ( this maybe normal ).

Example - At home I listen to alot of music while on my computer ( I do computer work for a living ). I have a decent
computer with some nice audiophile grade speakers ( ) when I flick on itunes and listen
to streaming audio or a mp3 every song pretty much sounds great & solid.

When I listen to the same stations or songs in my car some sound good some sound muddy some sound hollow etc..
But in the house it all sounds good highs are always crisp and mids hit nice.

Ill have to see after I get my sub, It could just be i missing frequencies but I dunno.

Time for more tuning lol still learning the ins/outs of the MS8, Sub should be here in next month.

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