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Hi jdbretz,

I did reset when I updated the firmware. However, I DID NOT reset when I went from Stage 2 to Stage 3. Let me know if reset is still required in this case.

Please find the attached data log for your review. (Please take note that the attached data log is different from the log on post #1. I can't upload that log because it exceeds the attachment size limit) It was reading lean post 711s because the throttle was closed, i.e, 0%.

Thanks for taking the time to review my data log!

Originally Posted by jdbretz View Post
Did you reset all the adaptations when you loaded everything up? It seems like you are running extremely lean and the fuel trims are not kicking in to get you to your AFR Targets. I would try reloading the firmware and resetting adaptations as shown in the read me file and re-log.

EDIT: could you upload the the datalog file? I want to see the throttle overlay to see if maybe you weren't WOT when it was reading lean.

Hi Uniter,

Okay, not a problem. Will reset asap. Do you mind explaining about the "drop out of o2 readings for the 1st half of the log bug"?

That way I can troubleshoot on my own in the future. Thanks for your time.

Originally Posted by uniter View Post
Dude has the drop out of o2 readings for the 1st half of the log bug.

OP: Reset all your adaptions via the Procede command centre, the README that came with your maps details this process.

Do it now
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