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Originally Posted by Bimmerlover76 View Post
Is taxpayer money really available to fund court time for people that want to challenge is measly $30 ticket? The court time is not worth it. They'll simply state that there doesn't need to be a sign EVERYwhere one cannot park, etc. You're probably overlooking a city/county ordinance or law somewhere.

Just pay it and don't do it again.
Have you ever challenged any ticket? I almost hardly ever get parking tickets unless for stupid mistakes.

In CT I've never had a front plate ticket since it's not enforced, yet I parked where my mother lives in NY and was givin a ticket over night.

Yes I'll fight the ticket, You don't pay additional court fees to fight a ticket, the judge simply makes a ruling and you can decide to push the ticket further by appealing or accepting the ticket. In my case I feel that the ticket is unjust and either requires a reduction, or to be throw out. The street is large enough to provide for two lines and continue the pavement markings but the town decided not to for whatever reason. I pay my taxes just like everyone else and hardly use the legal system.

I am parked partially on private property.

Really, since the wheels of the car were on private property in theory counting only half the car the wheels were facing the curb.

Beside that if we realllllly want to get technical, the law says, right wheels facing curb, it does not state the "Face" of the right wheels facing the right curb. Because of this the wheel has no side and thus each and every wheel is technically facing the curb. Now I could have been ticketed for being 12 inches away from the curb but I was not so. I have several arguments I could use and either the judge will accept or will not.

This will be my last post on the thread. I think the "Time is money" aspect has been beaten to a dead horse and I've clarified several times that it's no loss on my part as I will not be losing any time from work.