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Originally Posted by wdeerfield View Post
we would really need to know the et of the wheels to determine the correct spacers.
There are a load of numbers all over the tyres, only one of which was consistent on all 4. E13, would that make sense? Other numbers were C35 (on one tyre; 44 on another), and 026 with a symbol next to it indicating a measurement of some sort. Any ideas?

Originally Posted by Game View Post
I have 12mm spacers in the front and 20mm in the rear with stock 18" 189s and stock tires.

I'm dropped quite aggressively so there is minimal rubbing on big dips. Link to pics is in my sig.
Loving that look mate! Did you find that the spacers by themselves improved the look significantly? I'm liking how much better your wheels fill your arches (inboard/outboard as opposed to vertically) than mine, it's a much sportier look.

Originally Posted by VMRWheels View Post
Best bet would to buy spacers with wheel bolts so you eliminate the possibility of getting bolts that are too long or too short.
Thanks. Yes planning to get bolts with the spacers so they're the correct length. Don't want to put any additional undue stress on any of the parts. Can you reccomend a manufacturer? I'm thinking 20mm on the rear and 12/13mm on the front.

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