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Originally Posted by MiddleAgedAl View Post
Maybe that's exactly what the kids in Asia today with a real understanding of what a "work ethic" is are counting on. It will make the final stages of the eventual financial takeover that much easier.

You mean like our parents and grandparents? As much as my parents and their friends like to look at my generation and chastise us, they need to understand it is them who made us this way. They created the monster that is Generation Me.

My friends parents are pushing him into a government job. Because he will get paid more than his counterparts in the private sector. He will be impossible to fire and get paid the rest of his life. Ahhhhh the union life style... isn't it grand?

While those who live that life style scoff at those who choose to take the risk in opening their own business or working hard without the guarantee that the gov't is going to be there to back them up. When the risk takers end up making more money and spending more money.. They are the pigs.. the greedy elitists.. the 1%..

Wonderful country we live in.. Those who CHOOSE to be drones can openly berate those who want more. Why shouldn't they? Our own president has no respect for business owners... why should the people of the USA.
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