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Originally Posted by sibhusky View Post
Been reading these posts as i picked up a 07 328xi a few months back. I notice a metal rattle of sorts only on start up usually on cold days, it lasts for maybe 2-3 seconds and goes away. I have no noticeable valve train noise or ticking during running, so im wondering if my symptoms are similar to others?

Also it seems as if going to the dealer is a hit or miss to rectify this problem? I still have a valid aftermarket warranty, so im wondering if its worth pursuing..
The problem was the subject of a TSB: SI B 11 09 07 September 2009

When I first got my car it sounded like an obvious lifter noise similar to one I had with a 69 Ford. I eliminated it in my Ford by adjusting the valves (myself) so I understood the problem. But repeated reassurances on this and other forums caused me to decide to ignore it. It seems worse some days than others , but bothers me most when the car is in the garage when it sounds so loud. In the worst case it can cause serious premature wear and this was addressed by the TSB. Unfortunately I failed to follow up before my factory warranty expired. It hasn't gotten worse, but I fear it will shorten the life of the involved engine parts.
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