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Paul "Lyin' Ryan is another dope. He is quoted as saying the Cayman Islands is a place where people hide money. That is Ryan's words. He's now on the ticket with a man who has Cayman accounts.

Paul "Lyin" Ryan is quoted as saying one of his biggest influences is Ayan Rand. When it was brought to his attention that Ayn Rand was a communist, he retracted his well known allegiance to Rand's philosophies. "Lyin" Ryan also was quoted as describing Social Security as "collectivists". He later retracted this comment.

Note : Rmoney is refusing to release his '09 tax returns because it may indicate he took advantage of an amnesty program that exempted filers from criminal charges if they possessed off-shore accounts. They had to pay 20% of the highest account.

Quality people, I tell ya.

How can Rmoney have policies when nothing is even written on a post-it notes???