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I used the headrest mount for the first day during. I think I was driving a little faster in this vid. This is with a countour roam set to 720p. I don't know if its the sun, resolution or the fact that its a 170 degree lens opposed to the usual 135, but I can't make out the track as well. I watched this vid as soon as I got off the track, noticed that my hands were moving around the wheel a lot more than they should have been and had corrected that the second day.

Re the different line. This vid was shot during with a friend of mine and taught me the track right approach to t5 and you see in the video he's making a brake signal very early before T4 where I would usually tap a second after the signal and fly through 4.

This was my second event. I'm confident that I should hold off on R as much as possible to perfect my technique and smoothness. I was putting those contis to work in T1-4 consistently, probably could have been going through 5 faster if my transition were better and had the howling through 6-7 occasionally 9 always 10. In short I was nowhere close to maxing out my equipment I know that.