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Originally Posted by ksfrogman
I'm a little confused, and should just wait until I actually get my car once it arrives. You mean to tell me that once the doors are locked with the fob, the passenger is completely locked in (as in the rear seat of a cop car)? No get out of jail free card?

If I'm not mistaken, the e46 doors can be unlocked from the inside simply by pulling the inside door handles out twice.
Ill have to test a e46 tomorrow, but you cant in a E39 or E38

The reason for it is so you cant just get into the locked car by sliding a hook down between the window and the door and using it to pull the inside door handle rod

i know 2 people that had to phone me over the last few years because they could get out of their car. They had accidently pressed the lock button on their key, and it disables all door handles and inside button.