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Originally Posted by kayza View Post
Can you (or anyone who is certain) confirm that these would fit on my 2006 e91 325xi wagon? no sport package.

Also, these have TPMS, but iirc, my 2006 model has indirect monitoring, which does not require the wheel to have TPMS built in. So with that in mind, would this matter or have any negative effect being installed on my e91?

My model 156's have 2 bent rims on the inside that I am considering replacing or just getting a new set of rims/tires. So this is right up my alley, provided the tire would fit and I like the look.
I honestly have no idea if the wheels would fit... you can check the stickies/search in the wheel & tire forum and if you can't figure it out, just post a question and someone can tell you. The TPMS is just a transponder bolted on the wheel, so while an incompatible car would not be able to receive the signal, it's not like it would hurt anything either.
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