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Originally Posted by kayza View Post
I have confirmed via TireRack and elsewhere on the forums that these will fit my car. My only two concerns are that I have read tirerack's reviews and one customer only got 6k miles from these, while another only 15k.
Additionally, can you PM me some individual rim picks with more detail/resolution so that I can determine if the amount of rash is acceptable to me?
If I do go ahead with the purchase, I should be able to pick them up this week sometime, or on a weekend/Friday evening between now and your departure in October.
OK, I'll send you pics tonight. I can't speak to the durability since I've never used them, but I'm sure if you do a bunch of burnouts on your snow tires they won't last long no matter who makes them. There aren't many RF Snow tires that have decent dry traction, which these provide. But if your only concerns are longevity and snow safety and you don't care at all about dry traction and handling, then there might be better options for you.
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