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Originally Posted by Socom View Post
I've wondered that myself. LL04 is a low SAPS oil which I run in my diesel. It's not necessarily better than LL01. LL01 is used in NA because the engines run richer, gas has over 15ppm sulphur, ethanol, and 13k mile oil change interval is required.

The dealerships pours Castrol SLX OE for my diesel instead of the BMW labeled juice.
Snyperx, I'll reassure you that Socom is dead on accurate regarding LL04 in North American. BMW specifically does not recommend LL04 oils for use in gas engines outside of Europe (and a few other territories). In the U.S., LL04 is a diesel only oil.

The Red Line question comes down to which specs it meets. I can't remember which specs are associated with LL01, but if the Red Line meets those specs, you should be good to go.