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iOS6 update, iDrive no longer sees the songs on a playlist

I made a playlist (1 of 4) for my car and had no issues before iOS6 listening to it. Now, when I click that playlist, all I see is "no entries" when I should see all the songs on that playlist. The songs are there, they play from all playlists, I just can't see and click on songs from my playlist to limit playback to my 1 list. This happened to 2 playlists that I had listened to before the update.

I rebooted iDrive (saw this suggested in an M6 thread) but that did not work. The playlists in question are carry overs from before the update and there must be a caching issue or something going on. I'll play with creating new playlists but that didn't work either the first time I tried.

I just wanted to see if anyone else saw this issue?
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