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Originally Posted by Affify11
Originally Posted by benzo23
I'm personally going with the PE and going to get the Euro box. Granted its not an open CAI but it is a great oem sealed system with a cone filter and no charcoal filter so in theory it should move more air, I think paired with the PE it will give me the sound I'm looking for. Not really going for gains
Weren't you the one bashing the thread about the charcoal filter not doing sh*t?
Yes that was me, thank you for remembering. It's true going from a stock box to a stock box with no charcoal I noticed NOTHING regardless of k&n or paper because I used both. The euro box that im suggesting on the other hand has more internal air space in the box for one and secondly has a cone filter which has more surface area then the stock panel filter. Third there is no charcoal in there so the 3 things combined might give some sort of subtle difference. Either way I'm getting the euro box just to say that I have one and if it works better then great if not then thats ok I've spent a lot more on a lot worse lol