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Carbon Buildup

2007 BMW 335i Sedan, 6MT, Sport Package.

Engine Malfunction occurred, turned out it was the HPFP. They changed the HPFP, Vanos and Plugs.

About 10 months later, car exhibited shuddering during start-up, misfiring, SES and Engine Malfunction again. Take it back to the dealer, thinking it is the HPFP again, turns out, it is Excessive carbon buildup on the intake, and it had destroyed the Catalytic Converters and Oxygen Sensors.
Dealership quotes me price to repair everything, including Walnut Blast at just under $5,000 with tax, parts and labor. At this point my car had 90K on it, so I sadly decided to trade it in for a lesser brand automobile, which I refer to as my wife's car.

My question is this, why would the dealership not have noticed the carbon build-up when I first had the HPFP replaced? This was so disappointing, however, I will buy a new Bimmer in another year or so!

Has anybody else experienced a similar situation? How common has this been? Has it been rectified with the F30 and up coming M3?