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Sorry to revive a dead thread, but I've been taking the D to my local dealer for interim oil changes. Until my last oil change, the charges have varied between 125 and 150 depending on the amount of DEF needed to top off.

On my last visit, I went to pay and they told me it would be $380. Needless to say,I made them dig into it with me and attempt to provide a justification or the charges. They tried to pull a couple of "we needed more DEF this time"s to which i replied, "OK, then that accounts for $20 of the difference, now let's find the rest of the delta." Much to there chagrin, we eventually put this bill next to my last. When they did, it was obvious that they were charging an increased shop fee and an additional hour of labor (same Scope of Work).

After 30 minutes of all of our time was wasted, we agreed to $150, but under the understanding that any future paid oil changes would be at their new circa $400 rate (which we won't be needing to worry about because I'll do it myself for that kind of rate).

Time to find a new "stealership"...

(Dc folks, it was a certain formerly three-letter dealer in the northern burbs).

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