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Originally Posted by scaryprowler View Post
I think you mean me? In any case, I know what you mean and no offence taken . I saw from the previous 269 Wheel post that you got done over, I can appreciate your stance! I see you have BIGTIME's old 335i, I had my eye on her way back in Feb also!
Well that did happen yeah but I've sorted some 269's now so I have calmed down!

I'm just very used to Golf and Honda forums as well, where you have more members, but fewer with any actual money. The result is that often it's the 4th, 5th, 6th dibber who gets the item a lot of the time if you know what I mean. When I parted out the GTI, I had a whole ton of problems just like that with non payment etc.

I did get BIGTIME's yeah. It was a snap decision based on the ideal spec of DCT, N54 and newer nav etc. I wished at the time that the car had more options (Logic 7, DAB etc) but I have corrected the main issues and I'm generally very happy with the car.

I'm hoping to stick with this one for a few years but who knows - I change my mind like the wind through the seasons so nothing is certain.