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About 10 months later, car exhibited shuddering during start-up, misfiring, SES and Engine Malfunction again. Take it back to the dealer, thinking it is the HPFP again, turns out, it is Excessive carbon buildup on the intake, and it had destroyed the Catalytic Converters and Oxygen Sensors.
Dealership quotes me price to repair everything, including Walnut Blast at just under $5,000 with tax, parts and labor.
I gotta call BS on the dealer for this one

Yes, there was carbon build up and yes the HPFP was probably toast, but saying the cats and the O2 sensors were destroyed due to the carbon build up seems like BS to me.

You should have had them fix the HPFP under the extended warranty program and taken the car home, had an Indy shop do the walnut blasting and I bet it would have run fine.

You could have even sold it privately and gotten more money than the dealer gave you for it. sometimes the problem seems insurmountable at the time or something you don't want to deal with, but if you step back and look at it there can always be another solution.

This and other forums have a wealth of knowledge that the dealers don't have or want to tell you.
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