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Originally Posted by morphius909 View Post
PP1/2 = Nice
PE= Nice


I can't imagine driving it any way! My son and I were in the car with my son in the back, roof and windows open and my son commented how awesome the turbos and PE sounded.

BTW he's only 7
That is so funny! My son is only 3.5 and he makes a point in coming to the garage almost every time I start the car cold. He likes to hear it, and not just from inside . Favorite comment is : "Dad, your car is angry!", and that is said with a naughty grin on his face

Yes OP, PE is that good, even kids that age appreciate it. My favorite feature is the over-run burble (easier for me to induce, since my car is MT).

It is not only louder than the stock (in a refined way), it brings the engine sound to a different level of sportiness. There is sound coming through at higher rpm, but it's not intrusive or unpleasant. I think PPK and PE is a really nice combo. I know in my case, it's just perfect.