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Originally Posted by makkan00 View Post
Any update on this mate?
There sure is. It arrived yesterday took a week to arrive from China - not bad. Didn't post anything yet since my sim card that I ordered didn't arrive and I wanted to make sure the unit was charged fully before I tested it out.

Grabbed a free sim card online. Charged for 5 hours, it says it takes this long but the LED didn't go out after 7 or more hours so I just stopped charging.

Once charged you just open the cover where the sim/aerials go and press in the yellow button with a pen, this ejects a tray for you to insert the sim. Pop it back in, switch on and follow instructions in the manual.

There are a few things you have to set up via SMS - sending over texts which are commands etc and I can confirm that it dropped me a msg after letting it call for 3 cycles and then hanging up. Gave me the location via a link which I then went to and it correctly positioned to within 200 yards. So if someone did nick the car you could at least know the rough vicinity. Overall... I'm quite impressed by this kit, adds more security and is fun/easy to use.

Some pics below: